If you have done any research on website design you may think my prices are on the low side and you may wonder how they can be so affordable?  There are good reasons for this:

1. I work as a freelancer which means I have no staff costs and no expensive premises costs – huge savings right there!

2. I work more ‘with’ you than ‘for’ you.  By that I mean I will do the jobs you cannot do, such as design the website and getting it set up and working on the internet and you do as many of the other jobs as you can, such as writing the page content, supplying photographs, getting testimonials ready etc.  If you want me to write all your page content and produce all your images I will – but then it begins to start costing a lot more.

3. I give you access to the ‘Admin Area’ of your website via a Content Management System (CMS).  This means that most modifications to your site can be made by you.  And if it is something you cannot do, I will be happy to help if it is covered under your Support Package.

4. I use software to create the websites.  Many designers will offer you a bespoke website with specially written code.  This takes a lot of time and costs more as you are paying for this expertise.  Apart from price the other downside to this is you are then tied to that designer.  If you need something changed you have to ask them to do it as they know the code.  If you want to leave them you may find you don’t even own the code and a new designer will have to start all over again.  The software I use is industry standard and therefore transferable to another designer so you will always be able to keep your website going.