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VR Designs Brand New Website

Although the VR Designs website has gone through several transformations over the years, the latest site had been around for quite a while. I have also been revising how I work with clients so it seemed a good time to create a new look to go with my new website design...

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What’s With All The Fruit?

Unlike a clothes shop website for instance, the nuts & bolts of web design is not always pretty and any imagery that tries to show it can be dull and boring. I wanted images that are bright, colourful and would be liked by anyone.  So I chose the fruit as there is...

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A Cautionary Tale About Google Places

I recently fell foul of an incorrect Google search result.  A friend and I were taking his young niece out for a birthday treat.  My parents used to take my own niece to a place called the 'Dolls House Emporium', which she loved.  So we decided to take her there.  I...

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Why should I have a website?

If you've ever wondered 'Why should I have a website?' then this simple article should help to make you see why. As people now expect businesses, both large and small, to have a website it really is essential that you do. Nowadays almost any business or organisation...

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How Are The Prices Kept Affordable?

If you have done any research on website design you may think my prices are on the low side and you may wonder how they can be so affordable?  There are good reasons for this: 1. I work as a freelancer which means I have no staff costs and no expensive premises costs...

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Hedgehog Care Fund Raising

As well as providing Hedgehog Care with a website , in May 2011 I try to assist with Hedgehog Care fund raising and organised an event to help raise some funds. It was a 'Pampered Chef' cooking show plus a raffle, competitions and home made cakes.  In total we raised...

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