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The Client


Grantham ROCK Lincolnshire, or to give it its full name Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens, is a very small cat rescue run by Cath Rowson in Grantham.  Cath takes in and re homes 100s of cats and kittens a year by herself with the help of only two other people.

She fights a seemingly never-ending battle to educate people on the need for neutering, which is mainly to prolong a cat’s life and to prevent any more unwanted cats.  Trapping and neutering feral cats is also a big part of Grantham ROCK’s work.

The cat rescue is completely funded by donations, with every penny going directly to the needs of the cats.  And they need lots of help in the form of food, litter, neutering operations and general vet bills.

Cath and her work are very well known in Grantham.  Lots of people donate food and money either in person or through the food donation bins in Morrisons and Oldrids Garden Centre at Downtown.  She also makes a few hundred pounds at the annual tombola held outside Morrisons.



The Project


Without a Grantham ROCK website we felt Cath might be missing out on possible donations.  We also felt a ‘brand image’ might also help to raise the shelter’s profile, again with the hope of increasing donations.

Cath told us they were always in a ‘hand to mouth’ situation and we wanted to see if it was possible to get Grantham ROCK a bit more money for unforeseen situations and emergencies.  And we wanted to add information about the importance of neutering to the mix.

The website is simply laid out and includes information on the work of Grantham ROCK, the importance of neutering and of course a donation button.  Within the first six months the site raised over £1000 thanks to some very generous donors.  The money continues to come in but more is always needed and even small donations make a difference.

The site also explains the other ways people can help the cat shelter.


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