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The Client


Hedgehog Care is Lincolnshire’s famous little hedgehog hospital and is run by Elaine Drewery and her wonderful volunteer Stacey Batham.  The never-ending work they do is totally funded by donations and Elaine’s pension.

The work Elaine & Stacey do at Hedgehog Care is incredible.  Between them they save the lives of countless hedgehogs each year.  Plus the re-homing of hedgehogs to carefully selected gardens helps to increase the population.  And everything they do is completely voluntary.

When I first met Elaine I knew I wanted to help and decided that building and maintaining a website for her was the best thing I could do.  Particularly as she doesn’t own a computer and refuses to!  By donating my time, I hoped I would end up raising a lot more money than I could give myself.

The website needed to highlight the work that Elaine does, educate the public about the plight of hedgehogs and be a way to raise money as well.

I had built the first Hedgehog Care website back in 2007 and it had become very dated.  In the meantime, the site and the social media channels had become very busy and I needed to include this.  Once again, the site is looking a bit tired and I will be creating a new version when I can.

For now, the current site still works well for fundraising and giving people access to first aid care when they find a hedgehog.


The Project


Receiving donations of money and food etc. keeps the sanctuary going but ‘spreading the word’ is also vital.  The more people who know about the plight of hedgehogs the more will be saved.

Therefore, with the continued goal of getting lots of visitors and raising money to help with the care and rehabilitation of the sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, I did not alter the design too much but added some more functionality.  Including the brand new 360 degree Google StreetView tour.

As before there is a donate button for those who can help financially.  There is now also a large banner link to Easy Fundraising, a website that you can shop through and a proportion of what you spend goes to the charity.  People can donate without donating as it were.  Elaine regularly receives cheques from them now.

Other volunteers run the Facebook page and Twitter account for Elaine and both feeds appear on the website.

Please spare some time to read the information on the Hedgehog Care website, make a donation and/or attend a fund-raising event that would be most appreciated!

As well as building and sponsoring the Hedgehog Care website I also design and print various items of stationery for them.  Elaine still writes personally to everyone who donates to thank them.  The postcards I created help at least by saving time, as there is now no envelope stuffing to do.  And I deliberately designed them so that there is only so much space to write in, so Elaine has to be brief.



Hedgehog Care Cards




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