Charity Website For A Local Hospital Campaign

View the SOS Grantham Hospital website in full.


The Client


SOS Grantham Hospital is a long running campaign group that focuses on protecting the services at Grantham Hospital.  It is headed by Charmaine Morgan and relies on donations to help with the legal work the group carries out.  There are also volunteers who help, in particular with gathering petition signatures.

They are very active at the moment (2016-2018) trying to get the A&E department reopened at night.  SOS Grantham Hospital features regularly in the local paper and that was how we realised they did not have a website.  As the town’s hospital issues are of great importance we decided to offer to build them one.

Encouraged to use Social Media they also have a blog and accounts that are incorporated into the site.


The Project


This has been a tricky project, in that there is so much material about the issues faced by the hospital we need more hours than there are in a week to get content written up and added!  It is therefore an ongoing project and the site may still yet evolve depending on the campaigns at the time.

The site includes the facility for donations to be made to help with the legal costs associated with the campaigns.  The client is able to add more material themselves as it becomes available.



SOS Grantham Hospital Roller Banners

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