Although the VR Designs website has gone through several transformations over the years, the latest site had been around for quite a while.

I have also been revising how I work with clients so it seemed a good time to create a new look to go with my new website design process.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the rainbow and its mix of colours.  So I decided to include those colours in my branding.  I created a much simpler, yet colourful, new logo and then also used rainbow colours throughout the new website.vrd-logo-rgb-275

The biggest problem with website design is getting the information one needs from the client.  Every client wants their project completed quickly, but then often fails to deliver from their side.  This is frustrating for both of us, particularly when they eventually have the information and I am not able to fit their project into my current work schedule.

So my aim for my new system was to make things easier for the client and for myself.  The easier the process can be made the quicker the website can go live.  The new system also puts more ‘pressure’ on the client to get the content and images ready as quickly as possible.

The new design process follows a set of steps that guide the project to complete on time and to the client’s great satisfaction.

Here are some of the versions of the site over the years.  Amazing how odd they look now but the fruit has featured before 😉